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Lessons From The Boat Race

What management and leadership lessons can we learn from a boat race. Consultants and coaches please comment below and let me know! An Australian company and Japanese company decided to engage in a competitive boat race to show mutual respect and … [Read More...]

Is Your Business ‘Ready For Sale’?

At some point every business owner exits their business! Will YOU exit with equity and have your biggest pay-day ever?  Do you have a 'business ready for sale' checklist for your business? (O.K. I'll cut to the chase - I run half day workshops … [Read More...]

5 Common Myths About Selling A Business!

The biggest frustrations for me as a 'business ready for sale' coach and as a business broker are the beliefs business owners develop around selling their business. Very often these beliefs are etched in to their minds by well meaning accountants, … [Read More...]

Before You Open Your Mouth

Before you open your mouth in a meeting, or in a conversation with someone at work or socially, consider applying this triple filter first! This has been attributed to Socrates and goes something like this; In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to … [Read More...]