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Buy A Business – What You Need To Know

When I am asked to help a buyer who is looking at buying a business, the meeting is usually me asking a long series of questions. Many of the questions end up being questions which the buyer should be asking the seller in relation to the business and … [Read More...]

Do You Have A Business, A Practice Or A Hobby?

Business Owners: Are You Building Something To Sell? Or do you have practice or a hobby? Many people tell me that they have a business and want to sell. In reality after asking some pointed questions, it often turns out that they have a practice or … [Read More...]

5 Common Myths About Selling A Business!

The biggest frustration for me helping business owners turn their business in to a saleable asset is the beliefs business owners develop around selling their business. Very often these beliefs are etched in to their minds by well meaning … [Read More...]

You Can’t Change History!

As much as we would like to sometimes, we just cannot change history. Although, some business owners still try to turn the clock back! What do I mean by that? Well, every day in business we are creating a history of the business' performance - … [Read More...]

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