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You Can’t Change History!

As much as we would like to sometimes, we just cannot change history. Although, some business owners still try to turn the clock back! What do I mean by that? Well, every day in business we are creating a history of the business' performance - … [Read More...]

The Ups and Downs Of Franchising

"If I could get out of my franchise ..." It happened again recently! I was talking to a franchisee about her chances of selling her franchise business and she came out with the statement I hear so often from franchisees - "If I could just … [Read More...]

Gary Maynard – Owner – Medichill

When it comes time to make big decisions, to bounce ideas off people or have a focus group on a new product, that's when it can feel very lonely for a lot of small business people. That is where I have found John Denton's mentoring/business owners … [Read More...]

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